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NNTN8525 Vehicular Travel Charger

MSRP: $95.00

$95.00 $79.95

The Motorola NNTN8525 Vehicular Travel Charger is compact and allows the radio to be used while rapid charging in the charger base. The unit includes a voltage regulated vehicular
charger adapter, custom charger base, mounting bracket and coil cord, and plugs directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter.

A great traveling companion that ensures constant communication while on the road. The maintenance mode keeps batteries charged without damaging heat buildup, and a charging algorithm provides for cool charging of the battery.

The NNTN8525 charger is not an IMPRES™ conditioning charger, but will still charge and not harm IMPRES™ batteries.


Compatible Radios

XPR™ 3000 Series Portable Radios
XPR™ 3000e Series Portable Radios
XPR™ 7000 Series Portable Radios
XPR™ 7000e Series Portable Radios
APX™ 1000 Single-Band P25 Portable Radio
APX™ 3000 Single-Band P25 Covert Portable Radio
APX™ 4000 Single-Band P25 Portable Radio

Availability: In Stock

Performance Characteristics

Technology:  Original

Number of Displays:

Number of Pockets:  1

Power Source:  12 VDC Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lbs): 0.9

Dimensions (inches): 5.5(L) x 2.13(W) x 1.0(H) 


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