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NNTN8860A IMPRES™ 2 Single Unit Charger

MSRP: $165.00

$165.00 $125.00

When your radio battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts the performance and safety of your organization. IMPRES™ chargers have automated battery management and provide the most accurate information for each IMPRES™ 2 battery in your fleet, so users know they are fully charged and will last the entire shift. The NNTN8860A IMPRES™ 2 single unit charger features enhancements, including over 100% increase in charge rate, an enable/disable calibration switch, and two integrated USB charging ports. IMPRES™ 2 batteries provide increased charge cycles, improved submersibility and higher capacity.

With IMPRES™ 2 chargers, you can charge batteries up to 40% faster and increase your total number of charge cycles on the battery by 60%.

Compatible Products

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APX™  7000 Series Portable Radios
APX™  8000 Series Portable Radios

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Charger Characteristics

Technology: IMPRES™

Power Source: 120 VAC

Power Supply: US

Number of Pockets: 1

Number of Displays: 0

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lbs): 1.82

Dimensions (inches): 4.0(L) x 2.25(W) x 5.0(H)