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PMNN4491 IMPRES™ 2 Battery, Li-Ion 2100 mAh

MSRP: $110.00

$110.00 $69.95

The PMNN4491 IMPRES™ 2 battery, when used with an IMPRES™ charger, provides automatic, adaptive reconditioning, end-of-life display, and other advanced features. Data is stored in the battery and communicated to the charger via a unique IMPRES™ communication protocol which is designed to maximize talk-time and optimize battery cycle life. This 2100 mAh Li-Ion, high density battery is IP68 rated, which means it can be fully submersed at two meters for 2 hours.

Compatible Radios

XPR™ 3000 Series Portable Two-Way Radios
XPR™ 3000e Series Portable Two-Way Radios
XPR™ 7000 Series Portable Two-Way Radios

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Performance Characteristics

Typical Rated Capacity: 2100 mAh

Technology: IMPRES™

Chemistry: Li-Ion

Intrinsic Safety Rating: None

IP Rating: IP68

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lbs):  0.3165

Dimensions (inches): 2.0(L) x 0.88(W) x 4.5(H)