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MOTOTRBO™ R2 Digital Portable Two-Way Radio

Call for Price

Be Reliable.

A next-level workhorse, the MOTOTRBO R2 marries durability and ergonomics to ensure confident, easy handling. And with superior range, configurable audio and seamless integration, the R2 is a reliable addition to an uninterrupted workday.

Complementing its durability and ergonomics, the MOTOTRBO R2’s configurable audio ensures clear communication–helping you manage your day to day operations without skipping a beat.

What's inside

IP55-Rated Durability

Configurable Audio

SINC+ Noise Cancellation

Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression

Superior Range

Sleek and slim form factor

High-capacity battery

Loud audio

Key Features

Sleek and Tough

Durable, lightweight and long-lasting, MOTOTRBO R2 proves the right choice for all-day reliability, even in challenging work environments. Use with confidence in dusty factories, wet landscaping and more; and with ease, even while wearing gloves.

Make it Loud

With SINC+ noise cancellation, long range and selectable audio profiles, MOTOTRBO R2 shines in noisy work environments; communicate with clarity to stay safe near a punch press, pneumatic drill, bulldozer and more.

Work, Uninterrupted

MOTOTRBO R2 is the ultimate workhorse. Engineered to minimize downtime with a simplified user experience, foolproof ergonomics and low-cost migration, the R2 helps you manage your day to day operations without skipping a beat.


Standard Package Includes:
– Standard Battery (Li-ion, IP55, 2300T – PMNN4598)
– Standard Charger CEC Complaint (90 Minute Rapid Rate – PMPN4173)
– VHF or UHF Antenna (must select appropriate option)
– 2.5″ Belt Clip (PMLN7008)
– 3 Year Essential Service
Key Product Features:
– 64 Channels
– 2 Programmable Buttons
– IP55 Rating – Dust and Water Ingres Protection
– Voice Announcements
– SINC+ Noise Supression (CFS)
– Single Site Conventional
Analog Features:
– Emergency Alert
– Analog Scrambling
Digital Features:
– Optional for analog models
– DMR Standards Compliant
– Emergency
– Basic Privacy
– Enhanced Privacy (CFS)
– Enhanced Noice Cancellation SINC+ (CFS)
– RX Audio Leveling (CFS)
Frequencies Not Allowed:
Programmable Features:
All self-quieter frequencies are +/- 5kHz
– All Alert Tones VHF UHF
– LED Battery Indicator
144.000 403.200
– Channel Announcement
153.600 422.400
– Power Level 441.600
– Repeater/Talkaround
– Channel Scan 480.000


Analog Models
Model # Band Split Band Power Conv Chan Display Keypad
AAH11JDC9JC2_N 136-174 MHz VHF 5W 64 No No
AAH11YDC9JC2_N 400-480 MHz UHF 4W 64 No No
Digital Models
Model # Band Split Band Power Conv Chan Display Keypad
AAH11JDC9JA2_N 136-174 MHz VHF 5W 64 No No
AAH11YDC9JA2_N 400-480 MHz UHF 4W 64 No No


Battery Options
Options Description
STDBAT0902 Standard Li-Ion IP55 2300T Basttery (PMNN4598)
QA09034 Li-Ion IP55 2100T Battery (PMNN4600)
Antenna Options
Options Description
QA09090 VHF 22CM Whip Antenna, 136-174 MHz (PMAD4147A)
QA09031 VHF Stubby 10CM Antenna, 136-148 MHz (PMAD4119)
QA09032 VHF Stubby 10CM Antenna, 144-160 MHz (PMAD4120)
QA09033 VHF Stubby 10CM Antenna, 160-174 MHZ (PMAD4121)
QA09091 UHF Whip 16CM Antenna, 400-527 MHz (PMAE4079)
QA09037 UHF Stubby 10CM Antenna, 400-450 MHz (PMAE4069)
QA09038 UHF Stubby 10CM Antenna, 440-490 MHZ (PMAE4070)
H112 Omit Antenna
Charger Options
Options Description
STDCHG0902 Standard Charger CEC Compliant – 90 Minute Rapid Rate w/ Switch Mode Power Supply (PMPN4173A)
H951 Omit Standard Charger
Shipping Options
Options Description
STDBOX0902 Standard Model Box
H415 Bulk Packaging
Warranty Options
Options Description
QA09123 Essential Software Only (Removes 1 year Essential Repair – provides 2 year product warranty)
LSV03S03433A 5Y Radio Essential Service
General Options
Options Description
QA00531 RM110 Remote Speaker Microphone With 3.5MM Audio Jack IP55 (PMMN4148)
QA00532 RM110 Remote Speaker Microphone Without 3.5MM Audio Jack IP55 (PMMN4149)
QA09035 Mag One Swivel Earpiece With In-Line Microphone and PTT (PMLN6532)
HKVN4492 MOTOTRBO Radio RX Audio Leveling – NA
HKLN4429 Analog/Digital Upgrade Kit Portable/Mobile
HKVN4084 MOTOTRBO Enhanced Privacy License Key
HKVN4373 NA MOTOTRBO Enhanced Noice Cancellation
Essential Services

All MOTOTRBO R2 Portables ship with a 3 year Essential Service that covers software updates, remote technical support and hardware repair caused due to manufacturing defects or normal wear & tear.  If you desire additional years of Essential Service, you may select the 5 Year Essential Service option instead. Essential Service coverage starts on the day of shipment and continues for the term selected at the time of the device purchase. Repairs will be made only at designated Motorola repair depot. Local services are not included. No discounts are allowed on these options.

FCC/IC Information:
(136-174 MHz) AZ489FT3852 / 109U-89FT3852
(403-470 MHz) AZ489FT4971 / 109U-89FT4971