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Motorola Solutions

The MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radio Portfolio Offers a Wide Choice of Devices, From Simple Voice-Only Models to Feature-Rich Voice and Data Radios

North Georgia Communications Solutions

The backbone of integrated communications is the MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radio platform. This complete, flexible and adaptable solution includes two-way digital radios, accessories, applications, systems and support services. MOTOTRBO™ interconnects personnel and equipment to help streamline efficiencies, production, automate processes, manage risk, and respond to situations or customers quickly.

Fire and EMS

Clear mission-critical audio combined with real-time data to Incident Commanders allows for informed, proactive decision making.  By integrating unparalleled voice, immersive data applications and radios designed for firefighters, responders are able to work safer and smarter to improve real-time decision-making capabilities.

Meanwhile, accountability remains a challenge on the fireground – and thus continues to be a major safety concern. To address these challenges, you need purpose-built equipment that delivers clear, reliable voice and data communications both indoors and out. You need better information about the situation and incident surroundings to enable greater safety and effectiveness. North Georgia Communications can deliver a platform that enables seamless integration of intelligence into every single response.


Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement requires real-time information for better situational awareness and more informed decisions in the field and at the command center.  Mission-critical intelligence gives law enforcement the power to access information, stream video and collaborate in real time.  By integrating unparalleled voice communications, immersive data applications and robust security into purpose-built systems, devices and command centers, we help dispatchers and responders work safer and smarter to improve real-time decision-making capabilities.

Police Officer on a radio


Utilities are critical infrastructure, and are key to enabling disaster response. Technicians must make sure electric and gas lines are secured before first responders step in, and restoring power is a race against the clock to maintain order and empower emergency response. Our solutions are adapted for your needs. You can connect mobile crews and assets to help respond quickly, manage power delivery effectively, achieve regulatory compliance, and bring your community safety back on the grid.

North Georgia Communications can deliver a system that provides instant dispatch and reliable communication, no matter where they go. One so efficient and easy to use it can improve worker safety, reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

Utility Worker

Transportation and Logistics

Motorola understands the realities of logistics and delivery, and constantly innovates communication solutions that respond to your challenges. The clear, reliable audio and advanced data capabilities of the MOTOTRBO™ Series keep your personnel productive and safely connected over a wider area, on the road or in the warehouse, without interference or distracting static.

Two-way radios are the go-to technology for enterprises around the world – connecting people wherever they need clear, instant and reliable communications. MOTOTRBO™ offers a portfolio of analog and digital two-way radios that enable voice and data communications. It combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology for instant communicating, easy decision-making and seamless coordinating.

Transportation worker


You know the challenges. You need to maximize productivity to stay competitive. But it can be difficult. Real-world job sites bring hard knocks, dust, dirt, water, hazardous materials and temperature extremes – and plenty of noise. Safety is essential and you need the fastest, most effective response if there’s an incident. Powered by advanced Motorola technology, the MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges with enhanced productivity.​

Construction worker


The factory floor can be loud and chaotic. It’s why the radios produced for manufacturing businesses have the same specialized features as the radios produced for fire and police first responders – such as noise-canceling technology and Intelligent Audio. MOTOTRBO™ digital radios monitor background noise and adjust the speaker volume, so plant workers don’t have to. Wireless accessories and noise cancelling headsets enable them to interact freely, while protecting their hearing.

Unreliable communications can hurt safety and operational efficiency, but when you rely on North Georgia Communications and  MOTOTRBO™, you have “always available” communications to help your teams work more safely and efficiently than ever.

Manufacturing worker


When staff and sales associates are empowered and informed, you elevate service to a higher level.  Supervisors equipped with the right technology can manage employees and operations more efficiently. Store managers can access the real-time information they need to ensure customers are attended to and requests are met.

Lightweight, discreet communication solutions that fit your environment and employees make the difference between seamless service and dissatisfied customers.

Retail worker


Boost productivity and cut costs with real-time mobile connectivity. When you need to communicate quickly and easily with all school personnel, the best way is over two-way radio. With the touch of a button, you securely link multiple teams across the district. Motorola’s next-generation solutions ensure staff can respond rapidly and work efficiently wherever they go. With durable devices and school-specific systems, you’ll have technology that connects directly to your needs.

Our MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio portfolio offers you a wide choice of devices, from simple voice-only models to feature-rich voice and data radios. All work together seamlessly to deliver advanced features to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency. With exceptional voice quality and outstanding usability, MOTOTRBO™ keeps your workforce connected.

School Teacher and children boarding bus

Oil and Gas

Motorola’s two-way radio systems streamline voice and data to increase productivity and advance safety. With better information, your personnel can make better decisions and achieve better outcomes. Our in-depth portfolio provides critical communications for customers worldwide. Reliable, resilient, and secure, they perform exactly when it matters – in everyday operations and unthinkable disasters.

To improve safety and productivity, voice and data communications should flow seamlessly between work teams and equipment. Whether personnel are on shore or at sea, in remote locations or at the refinery, we can enable them to connect instantly and collaborate in real time.

Oil rig


“Auxiliary Emergency Communications” is part of the Homeland Security/FEMA Incident Command System (ICS) structure and plays an important role during events, incidents, and emergency situations.  AUXCOMM assists  agencies at the local, state, and national levels during events, incidents, and emergencies when called upon to do so.   AUXCOMM consist of regular amateur radio operators, ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service),  MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System),  CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams)  and RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) who have a deep desire to serve as Auxiliary Emergency Communicators.

Auxiliary Emergency Communications logo

Healthcare & Patient Services

Create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies, and prevent security breaches from happening.

With seamless, always available communications, you can manage staff and run departments smoothly. You create a welcoming place and help ensure the excellent service patients and visitors expect.

North Georgia Communications can help you to respond to your patient requests quickly, track supplies and coordinate staff, all while maintaining a professional and safe environment.

Healthcare workers


Nothing speaks to improving efficiency and guest service like next generation communication solutions adapted to your needs. Big chain or small boutique, business traveler or tourist, consumers have abundant options on where to spend their dollars. Differentiating your property through exceptional service is one of the best ways to attract and retain them.

Guests want to be delighted and feel comfortable in a safe and welcoming environment. They expect their requests to be quickly addressed. Hotels and resorts have numerous needs too. They must keep accurate track of rooms, supplies and facilities. They must also ensure security with instant, discreet communications and provide safety throughout the property.

Turn your guests into lifelong advocates by delighting them the moment they reach your door. Seamless communications help deliver the guest service that keep them coming back.

Hospitality worker

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