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Radio Rentals

Our Radio Rental Services are Perfectly Suited for a Wide Variety of Industries and Can be Adapted to Your Exact Requirements

North Georgia Communications

Whether is it a temporary need for additional radios or you are looking for a cost effective solution to temporarily expand your radio fleet, regardless of the event, response or situation, we can scale to meet those needs with our flexible Motorola Radio Rental Service.

We offer radio communication rental packages to suit any need, ranging from small events, through to larger or longer-term projects..

Rental Radio

Cost Effective

No need to budget capital expense for a temporary need or to incur additional inventory costs for radios that will only be used periodically.  No need to worry about maintenance costs and radio rental charges are 100% tax deductible for business use.  We provide a total end to end solution ready to go out of the box with minimal capital outlay.

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Simple and Easy

With one phone call, your radios will be prepped and shipped to you.  Prior to shipping, radios can be programmed to your requested frequencies or set to standard frequencies for your immediate use upon arrival.  Depending on availability, radios can also be shipped overnight.

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We offer exemplary customer service and unparalleled 24-hour support.  We handle all training and support with easy-to-read user guides.  If applicable, we also ensure you have superior access to existing networks.

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We offer the flexibility to select any number of radios for any period of time.  Our rental radios supplement your own radio fleet and we offer a wide range of models to suit your needs, our rental equipment includes VHF, UHF, 800/900 MHz and Trunking, and is available in portable, mobile, and repeater configurations.A full range of accessories is also available and includes headsets, batteries, speaker microphones, and chargers.  Length of rental time is completely up to you, radios can be rented for as short as one week to as long as you need.


  • Trade shows
  • Meetings, conferences, and events
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Petrochemical refinery turnarounds


  • School and church outings
  • Corporate events
  • Security operations
  • Transportation companies
  • Travel services
  • Industry associations

* Our rental radios adhere to strict MotorolaTM quality controls, are kept in “like-new” condition, and are tuned to original factory specifications before they are shipped to you.

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