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Motorola EID Reference Charts

For Portables, Mobiles, Repeaters and CPS/RDAC Applications

Software Licensing

Use the listed part numbers to purchase Licenses or Entitlement ID’s (EID) to Register and Activate various features and options. You will receive the EID via an email. Register the Serial Numbers of the units, which will be upgraded, and activate the features via the RVN5115 MOTOTRBO™ CPS. Internet connection is required during the registration, but the activation can be done offline.

MOTOTRBO™ Software Licenses are NOT transferable from one device to another. Once a software feature has been Registered and Activated in a radio, it can NOT be transferred to another radio.  Not all features and options are available in all radio models or applications.  Please call us for more information.

If a radio unit is sent for repairs to a Motorola repair service depot, and the unit is readable with CPS, it will be returned back with the same features enabled, as it had originally. If the radio cannot be read with CPS, it will be returned from repairs with only factory default settings, since the depot cannot verify the features, which were originally enabled.  In this case, a call to us will be required to request a replacement license(s).

Add Unique Value to Your Two-Way Radio Systems

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Data Services VIA Bluetooth

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Data and Voice Networks

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Built In Man Down

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Linked Capacity Plus Option

Motorola EID Reference Charts

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Portables and Mobiles

Description Part Number Notes
Subscriber Analog to Digital Upgrade Option HKVN4223 CP and CM Series
Subscriber Analog to Digital Upgrade Option  HKLN4429  XPR Series
Subscriber Connect Plus Option HKLN4457  
Subscriber Connect Plus Man Down option HKVN4072  
MOTOTRBO™ Bluetooth Data and Discoverable Mode HKVN4249   
MOTOTRBO™ Data Services via Bluetooth HKVN4249  XPR 5000 and 7000 Series
MOTOTRBO™ Enhanced Privacy
HKVN4084 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series
MOTOTRBO™ Transmit Interrupt Encode HKVN4085 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series 
MOTOTRBO™ Digital Telephone Interconnect HKVN4271 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series
MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect Option HKVN4154  XPR 2000 and 3000 Series 
MOTOTRBO™ LCP Upgrade from IP Site Connect HKVN4155 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series
MOTOTRBO™ Subscriber System Bundle Cap+ & LCP HKVN4086  XPR 2000 and 3000 Series 
MOTOTRBO™ Built In Man Down HKvN4179  
MOTOTRBO™ CSA Conventional Man Down HKVN4179 XPR 7550 IS Only
Subscriber Text to Speech for CH ZONE PB TM JT HKVN4281 XPR 5000 and 7000 Series
Subscriber Multi Button PTT with CH Steering HKVN4280 XPR 7000 Series Only 
MOTOTRBO™ Indoor Location HKVN4432  
MOTOTRBO™ Enhanced Noise Cancellation (SINC+) HKVN4373  
MOTOTRBO™ Mute Mode HKVN4493  
MOTOTRBO™ Receive Audio Leveling HKVN4492  
Capacity Max FULL Subscriber License HKVN4323  
Fleet Management License Key HKVN4036   
Bluetooth 2.0 / 4.0 LE License HKVN4412  


XPR and SLR Repeaters


Description Part Number Notes
Capacity Plus Option HKLN4427   
Capacity Plus Single Site Digital Trunking HKLN4439  
Linked Capacity Plus New System Deployment HKVN4099 SLR5700
Linked Capacity Plus New System Deployment HKVN4110 SLR8000
Dynamic Mixed Mode Option HKLN4456  
Enhanced Scheduled GPS Option HKVN4048  
Digital Telephone Interconnect Option
LCP Upgrade from Capacity Plus HKVN4089 SLR5700
LCP Upgrade from Capacity Plus HKVN4112 SLR8000 
Restricted Access to System HKVN4177  
Data Network Application Interface HKVN4205  
Voice Network Application Interface HKVN4206  
Digital Voting Operation HKVN4242  
Extended Range Direct Mode Operation HKVN4488  
Digital Local Audio HKVN4366  
Capacity Max HKLN4324  

MTR3000 Repeaters

Description Part Number Notes
MTR3000 Capacity Plus Option HKLN4439  
MTR3000 Dynamic Mixed Mode Option HKVN4044  
MTR3000 Enhanced GPS Option HKVN4055  
MTR3000 Digital Telephone Interconnect Option HKVN4066  
MTR3000 Linked Capacity Plus Option HKVN4110  
MTR3000 Linked Capacity Plus Upgrade from Cap+ HKVN4112  
MTR3000 Repeater Restricted Access to System
MTR3000 Data Network Application Interface HKVN4208  
MTR3000 Digital Voting Operation HKVN4243  

CPS / RDAC Applications

Description Part Number Notes
Multi RDAC System Support License HKLN4442  
MOTOTRBO™ Radio Management (RM) License   HKVN4101  
Battery Fleet Management License HKVN4036  
Remote IP Repeater Programming License  HKVN4047