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NGC System Design

Learn About Our System Design Services and How We Can Give You Exactly the System You Need

Two-Way Radio System Design

Launching new Motorola two way radio communications services can be a risky venture if you haven’t first taken steps to reduce uncertainty.

North Georgia Communications can help you define traffic requirements and your current system coverage needs using well-proven models and design tools.  This holistic system view starts by defining anticipated use of voice and applications traffic.  With detailed equipment configuration and specification data followed by performance testing and fine-tuning, we can identify the system coverage and performance you need.

System Design

Complex Systems Require Expert Design

New technologies make wireless designs more complex. System design must consider an environment crowded by numerous applications and conflicting airwaves.

If you want your system to perform, the design must also consider a broad range of issues such as throughput, coverage, emissions, FCC rules and procedures, R.O.I., and system capacity, just to name a few.

System Design

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Streamlined, instant and reliable communications are what we design.  Let our team of system technologists and years of experience help design and create the optimal system for your business or application needs.  We lead with innovative solutions that get the job done the right way the first time.

System Design

Experience and Expertise

North Georgia Communications is a leader in providing custom communications systems with the very best in Motorola radio communications services. Regardless of what your communications requirements may be, our team will apply unparalleled expertise to ensure that the communications system design services we provide are second to none and tailored to your specific needs.

System Design

Our Designed Systems Work For You

Your work demands a wireless solution, but where do you start?

Our team applies unparalleled expertise to make sure that the communications system design services we provide are second to none, and tailored to your specific needs.

Superior Systems Design Sets NGC Apart from Others.

Our experts make sure your system performs!