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Resources and Links

Additional Resources for Amateur Radio Enthusiasts, DMR, and the MOTOTRBO™ Portfolio of Products

NGC Resources

Looking for more information on the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Portfolio and the Amateur Radio use of the technology? Check out these resources and brochures by clicking on the links below!

Motorola MotoTRBO™ IMPRES Batteries

When a business needs rush deliveries to arrive at their scheduled destination or when a firefighter maneuvers through blinding smoke, there is only one battery they trust to extend the performance of their two-way radios. For 10 years, IMPRES radio batteries have been there when it mattered most. Motorola’s innovative IMPRES battery charging and reconditioning system streamlines and automates battery maintenance. IMPRES radio batteries and chargers communicate to help lengthen battery life so you can be assured your radio battery is ready when you are.

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ System Features

Whether it’s a rugged, voice-only radio or a productivity powerhouse, there’s a MOTOTRBO™ solution that’s perfect for you.

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Customer Programming Software (CPS) HKVN4362

Contact us for your copy of the “Guide on Recommendations and Advice on how to Legitimately Purchase Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Customer Programming Software (CPS).” Currently, the price for the download only version is $169 for a 3 year subscription.

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Customer Programming Software (CPS) Guides

Contact us for your complimentary copy of the “Guide on Recommendations and Advice on how to Legitimately Purchase Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Customer Programming Software (CPS).” Currently, the price for the download only version is $169 for a 3 year subscription.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) for Amateur Radio

Have you ever thought about donating?

Repeater sites with best practice equipment run between $10-15k per site. Then there are the recurring costs, such as internet, insurance, cBridge licenses, server hardware and hosting, etc. If you enjoy Amateur Radio and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) why not contribute?

Donating can range anywhere from a few dollars to helping with a repeater installation or donating surplus equipment or getting access to a high site or expertise in other areas. Your support, in whatever form, helps grow the network and we all benefit. Please consider contributing, whether to a small or large or specific project in your area. Please donate today!

You may contact us on our contact page to discuss how you might help grow DMR. We would love to hear from you.

Amateur Radio DMR, User Groups, and Additional Resources

Atlanta Metro Amateur DMR Repeater Users

The group collaborates and exchanges information about repeater operations. Additionally, they create more accurate and up to date repeater listings, publish and distribute code plugs, and fund raise. They also offer many other activities, all in support of a wide area Metro Atlanta Amateur DMR Network.

Atlanta Metro Digital Mobile Radio Users Group

The Facebook page for the Atlanta Metro Digital Mobile Radio Users Group. The group has been created as a place to discuss all things DMR, and for that matter, digital radio in general.

The K4USD Network

The network is operated by the US Digital Amateur Repeater Club using multiple c‑Bridges™ in order to interconnect Motorola MOTOTRBO™ repeaters together. Also peers with other DMR bridge providers including DMR-MARC, DMRX, DMR+, Brandmeister, and 27 other regional DMR networks.

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network

An all-digital group of over 500 DMR-MARC repeaters with over 115,000 registered users. There are over 5300 registered DMR repeaters world-wide in the RadioID database. As the Motorola Amateur Radio Club (MARC), we are all amateur radio operators many of whom are Motorola Solutions employees, Motorola Service Station employees, dealers, system installers and Motorola equipment aficionados.

The BrandMeister Network

BrandMeister is an operating software for Master servers participating in a worldwide infrastructure network of amateur radio digital voice systems.  BrandMeister allows you to connect to MOTOROLA DMR-MARC and Hytera DMRplus networks, this means you can operate with other DMR amateur radio operators on both infrastructures the same time.

DMRX Community

A community of amateur radio operators who wish to experiment and explore with the DMR digital voice and data mode of operation.

Registration Site for your unique Amateur Radio Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) ID.

International ETSI Standards Association for DMR

The standard is designed to operate within the existing 12.5kHz channel spacing used in licensed land mobile frequency bands globally, and to meet future regulatory requirements for 6.25kHz channel equivalence. The primary goal is to specify affordable digital systems with low complexity. DMR provides voice, data and other supplementary services. Today, products designed to its specifications are sold in all regions of the world by numerous manufacturers.

North Georgia Communications’ Specials

Please be sure to check out our Motorola MOTOTRBO™ and other manufacturer’s brand “Specials” page for our Demo, Open Box, Surplus Stock, and Pre-Owned Motorola equipment in “Like New” condition at substantially discounted prices!!!

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