GLOBAL SUPPLY DISRUPTION: We are one of the largest stocking dealers in the country.  When we show a product is IN STOCK, we really mean it!  If your item is not listed (chances are we have it) or your desired quantity is not showing as available or if you place an order and you find the quantity is restricted to quantity 1, please contact us.  For out of stock products, please contact us to get on the wait list and secure your place in line as we re-stock regularly.

Custom Order Form v2

Custom Order Form

Please provide the following information.  This will get you set up in our accounting system which we only need to do once.

Once we receive your submission, we will promptly send you a draft invoice/quote in PDF for you to review and approve.

Billing Address

Needed if the order will be placed on behalf of the entity.
If your item is being sent electronically, we need only your billing address.
Shipping/Pickup Preference
Is your Shipping Address the same as your Billing Address?

Shipping Address

For electronic orders, or where billing and shipping addresses are the same, please indicate the county of the billing address.

Preferred Payment Method

Due to our pricing and the time we invest in service and support, our margins do not allow us to absorb payment fees. We ask you to assist us with a portion of some of the convenience fees. There are also a number of ways to pay with NO FEE. So please take a look below and tell us which is your preferred payment method. You are the customer, so the choice is yours:

For Credit Card purchases, we send you a link to a secure site to pay online and we pay up to 1% on your behalf. Payment options are:

  • Credit Card - Personal VISA/MC/DISC 2%
  • Credit Card - Corporate or Rewards 3%
  • Credit Card - AMEX 3.5%
  • Credit Card - Int'l - we do not accept international credit cards
  • Paypal Invoice - Domestic 3.5%/International 4.5% (we will send an invoice Paypal request after you approve the draft invoice)
  • Paypal Friends & Family NO FEE (must have a connected bank account or Paypal balance, specifically make sure the default GOODS AND SERVICES or PURCHASE PROTECTION is not selected)
  • Purchase Order - NO FEE (for qualified government entities and businesses)
  • Cash App - NO FEE
  • Pop Money/Bill Pay - NO FEE
  • Zelle - NO FEE
  • Check by Phone (ACH) - NO FEE
  • Bank Transfer or ACH - NO FEE (we can also initiate to you with a picture of your check)
  • Wire Transfer - $15 for incoming Domestic or International
  • Bank/Cashier's Check/Money Order - NO FEE (you can send a picture of the check with tracking and it will not delay your order)
  • Wire Transfer - ($15 incoming fee, must be in USD and all sending fees prepaid)
  • Personal Checks - NO FEE (but will take 7-10 days to clear)

If you are using Paypal for payment, and we are sending a Paypal Invoice, what is your registered email address with Paypal for payments?



If you are paying via Paypal Friends and Family, we will send you instructions on the process.

If you are purchasing a new radio, we would like to provide you with a complimentary Motorola logo gift. Please indicate your preference:
Do you need programming assistance for your product(s)?
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Unless otherwise agreed, we require a signature and insurance on all packages, especially high value items.