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Tower Access

NGC can Provide Tower Access for Your Business Through the Many Commercial Repeater Systems in Operation Across North America

Advanced Features

Businesses can locate and track their fleet vehicles with GPS technology.   Text messaging is also available to enable sending short messages between radios when it’s not necessary to interrupt workers for routine or status communication.

Tower Access

Maximum Coverage

Motorola channel partner-operated commercial repeater systems maximize coverage in regional areas and with roaming agreements between channel partners, one can further extend coverage between major metropolitan areas.

Commercial Repeater System

Cost Efficiency

Subscribing to a commercial repeater system requires minimal infrastructure.  Avoiding the costly and difficult process of licensing and frequency coordination, and with minimal capital outlay, you pay just a small monthly usage fee per radio.

Tower Site

Site Advantage

Most tower sites are already located on the most advantageous hills and high spots. Limited permitting further precludes access.When you lease tower space, all of the worry of maintaining the structure, insurance, painting, and lighting are already taken care of for you.

What Next?

If you are interested in leasing tower space or need further info, call us at (+1) 706 896 0000, or arrange for a consult.