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Effective August 8, 2016, Motorola implemented a new Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. All Motorola commercial series business radios fall under this new policy which stipulates the minimum advertised price that may be shown on an internet site before an item is added to a shopping cart. This policy also applies to all print media. This policy must must have been fully implemented by all Motorola dealers by September 19, 2016.

INTERNET PRICE ADVERTISING (IPA) POLICY for the Professional Series of the Motorola Solutions Portfolio of Products

Because Motorola Solutions seeks to encourage active direct and personal selling and outreach efforts by their Channel Partners / Dealers to potential customers, and because Motorola Solutions seeks to foster a direct relationship between their Channel Partners / Dealers and their customers in order to promote better solution development, product support, and overall customer satisfaction with Motorola products and distribution of those products, all of which are more difficult in distant internet based transactions with customers with no previous relationship with a Channel Partner / Dealer, and as such Channel Partners / Dealers may only use certain advertising and selling methods in reselling the products over the internet.

Selling and advertising of the Professional Series of products over the internet is only permitted by Motorola Solutions as follows:

Channel Partners / Dealers will be allowed to use the internet or other electronic media as a means for advertising and promotion of the products electronically so long as the Channel Partner / Dealer displays the products and features along with a statement that customers interested in purchasing the products should contact the Channel Partner / Dealer for pricing, and as such the Channel Partner / Dealer may not actually advertise prices on the non-secured pages of any internet site.



MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE (MAP) POLICY for the Commercial Series of the Motorola Solutions Portfolio of Products

As per the MAP Agreement mentioned above, all Motorola Authorized Channel Partners are required to follow the guidelines in this MAP policy. Failure of a dealer to follow these guidelines can lead to severe penalties against the dealer up to and including the loss of ability to sell Motorola products.

However, this policy only stipulates the minimum price that can be advertised on all electronic and printed media. It does not restrict a dealer from selling a product at a price lower than that specified by the MAP guidelines. With this in mind, our customers can always email us, or call us at  706-896-0000 requesting a quote.



The Following Radios are Covered Under the Commercial Policy

Motorola Portable Two-Way Radios

SL300 Two-Way Radio

Motorola Mobile Two-Way Radios

CM Series



Both the INTERNET PRICE ADVERTISING (IPA) POLICY and MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE (MAP) POLICY do not apply to products that are considered “Not New.”

“Not New” A Product is considered Not New if:

It is acquired from existing customer installations, liquidations, bankruptcies, lease terminations or expirations and any other similar resources, as well as equipment that at any point in its lifecycle has been used by an End User or, used as demonstration equipment.

At any time it has been loaded with software, sold to, leased, rented, shipped to any party and then returned whether it was used or not.