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Amateur Radio Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Lapel Pin LIMITED EDITION

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Amateur Radio DMR Lapel Pin

Full Color hard fired Cloisonné Enamel, High polished nickel, sand blasted pebble center finish, textured back.

8mm post with butterfly clutch.

Individually poly-bagged.

1” in Diameter.

Sample actual lapel pin depicted.

15 in stock

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The purpose of the logo is to help promote and represent DMR in Amateur radio as a whole regardless
of a specific manufacturer or specific network.

Symbols and Font

The circular ring represents the global nature of the networks.

The two stars used as separators represent the 2nd generation in mobile radio technology DMR, the 1st
being Land Mobile Radio (LMR).

The DMR Association is in the center as the standards are the focal point of the technology.

The DMR “Wedge” symbol is reminiscently similar to the “swish” in the original DMR-MARC Logo.
The Font used is the same as the DMR Association.


“Amateur Radio” denotes our specific application of the DMR technology.

“Worldwide Networks” refers to the global nature of the affiliated networks.


Faithful to the original colors of the DMR-MARC Logo, Yellow/Gold, Blue, Orange, the folks that first
adopted and implemented the technology to amateur radio and started the first network. Our respect
and thanks goes out to DMR-MARC.

Yellow/Gold also denotes that DMR is rapidly becoming the Gold standard in amateur and commercial
two way radio.

Green is the color used by the DMR Association and also represents the rapid growth in the adoption
of the technology.

Grey was chosen as the background for the shirt and cap for its neutral color and represents the
hope that the various networks remain apolitical in nature.

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