MOTOTRBO™ Advanced Features FPP / OTA


Advanced Features with Front Panel Programming (FPP) and Over the Air Monitor (OTA) Installation and Service for Motorola MOTOTRBO™

We are an authorized distributor for the original developer who developed this product for Motorola, but because of business issues, Motorola never sold this product to the public after development. We are the only authorized distributor in the US.

The current developer is in the Motorola Application Development Program (ADP).

Compatible Radios

XPR 5550 Series Mobile Radios
XPR 5550e Series Mobile Radios
XPR 7550 Series Portable Radios
XPR 7550e Series Portable Radios
SL 7550 Series Portable Radios
SL 7550e Series Portable Radios

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Functionality & Advanced Features

Measurement in dBm on analog and digital channels.

Allows you to temporarily modify channel parameters (digital and analog) using the radio keypad (FPP).

Info on radio display.

OTA Monitor
Allows you to trace over the air DMR data traffic on the channel.

Audio Monitor
Allows listening to all digital calls in the channel (also private calls).

5 Tone Signalling
Encode and decode 5 tone signalling.

ETS 300-230 FFSK Based Signaling
Encode and decode FFSK signaling.

RSSI Datalogger
Stores RSSI measurement with GPS position in the internal flash memory of the board.

* These advanced features will not officially function on Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus Personalities, but some users have had some limited success.

** OTA and Audio Monitor will work only on one designated time slot and color code at a time (which can be changed on the fly).



This product is for the installation of the software, firmware and license to enable your Motorola MotoTRBO XPR 5550 / XPR 7550 / SL 7550, including the new eSeries to do Front Panel Programming (FPP), Over the Air Monitor (OTA), as well as many other advanced features.  The purchase price of the package is good for one radio only and once installed can not be transferred to another radio.

The process of generating the firmware and license key usually takes 1-2 days.

We provide all of the necessary instruction guides and manuals in PDF format by email. Everything necessary is delivered to you electronically.

Option Board

How to determine if you have the Option Board installed

Program any digital channel with the Option Board box checked.

While the radio is operating on that channel, please tell me which ICON you see in the radio display, either the RED X or the GREEN O, the legend is also self-explanatory.



Additional Considerations

We can refer you to You Tube videos that show the advanced features working and will be happy to provide a list of satisfied customers.

The Motorola MotoTRBO XPR 4550 / XPR 6550 must have the 3rd party option board or expansion card installed (because of cost we are NOT offering this publicly at this time, but feel free to contact us). The features will not work on the standard Motorola Generic Option Board (GOB) on these models.

The FPP option for the Gen 2 is available for the XPR 5550 / XPR 7550 / SL 7550 including the new eSeries and can use the Motorola OEM option board so the cost is less (no 3rd party board required).

If you need to purchase a new or used Motorola MotoTRBO XPR 5550 / XPR 7550 / SL 7550 including the new eSeries, or an Option Board, please contact us for pricing.

Both the radio and the cost of the advanced features can be invoiced to you after you purchase this product.

* This product is not for a special front housing or case for the radio.

* FPP is in no way a substitute for the Motorola Computer Programming Software (CPS), FPP is only for “on the fly” temporary programming of frequencies only.

* On the fly means that if you power off the radio or change channels, you will lose the saved memory. The FPP parameters are called “virtual personality” and they can’t override channel steering from the radio (radio reboots on last channel selected). So when you change channel (or power off radio) they expire. You can save FPP memory channels to the option board but when you restart the radio you will have to load the memory from the radio menu in order to recall it as an extra step (the memory channel will not appear automatically).

* The FPP standard feature on the Gen 2 radio that comes from the factory is merely only for the turning on/off of menu items and features.

* Although the functionality works perfectly, please remember that this is developmental software that is providing functionality that was never intended by the original manufacturer.

* These advanced features will not officially function on Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus Personalities, but some users have had some limited success.

* OTA and Audio Monitor will work only on one designated time slot and color code at a time (which can be changed on the fly).

NOTE: In the most recent Firmware released by Motorola in 2022, there were some bugs that were introduced that cause some of the display information not to display correctly, we are currently working on a patch.  This has now been fixed as we continue to support the product.

The difference between dealing with US and the Developer is that we streamline the process and save you costs (bank transfers and currency fees). We are located in the United States and we provide support FROM the U.S. (U.S. time zones) and in the ENGLISH language.


* This is NOT a back door hack that requires you to use a NON-US Region CPS that is a logistical nightmare and causes depot issues.

* This is NOT a back door hack that cripples the radio and defeats standard features and entitlements like IPSC, etc.

*This is NOT a back door hack that is not Type Accepted by the FCC for use in the US

These advanced features will work on any Motorola Generic Option Board (GOB), nothing else can be running on the option board. Typically, Connect Plus and LTR/Passport trunking run on the GOB. While Capacity Max and Capacity Plus do not run on the GOB.

In March 2022, Motorola stopped including the GOB in the Capable Models of the XPR7000e Series radios (this was always the case for EMEA model radios).

MOTOTRBO™ Advanced Features FPP and OTA is certified to work by a Motorola ADP Partner with the MOTOTRBO™ models specified, and is authorized for US Region model and CPS use. These advanced features will also work on other Region radios such as EMEA or Europe, and will work with either the old Option Board PMLN5718AS for the regular series or the newer Option Board PMLN7324AS for the eSeries when the option board is added to EMEA models. Check with us when in doubt for compatibility.