MOTOTRBO™ Software Update Management (SUM) EID

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MOTOTRBO™ Entitlement IDs let you leverage expert applications in order to get the job done efficiently. MOTOTRBO™ fits the way businesses run today, and helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and workforce. Entitlement IDs make it easier to accomplish multiple tasks on a single purpose-built device.

MOTOTRBO™ Software Update Management (SUM) EIDs are required for any MOTOTRBO™ infrastructure or subscriber device that is out of warranty or not under a service contract.  Pricing is dependent on radio device model, quantity, and coverage period.

Customers will typically encounter the following ERROR MESSAGE when trying to update the firmware in any MOTOTRBO™ infrastructure or subscriber device:

Error [#110183] “The Software Update Management policy enabled on this device has expired and is not entitled to be updated to the specified firmware version. Please contact a Motorola Solutions sales representative for more information.”

Product Description

Manufacturer: Motorola

SKU: SSV03S01563A, SSV03S01548A, SSV03P01547A, SSV03S01148A, SSV03S01179A, SSV03S01548A, SSV03S01178A, SSV03S01148A, SVC01SVC0591A

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Coverage Periods: 1 Year or 3 Year

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XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4249MOTOTRBO™ Bluetooth Data and Discoverable Mode (Capable Only)
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XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4373MOTOTRBO™ License Enhanced Noise Cancellation (SINC+)
XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4381MOTOTRBO™ License Wi-Fi (Capable Only)
XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4384Authenticated Radio Disable (Required for Target Radio Only)
XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4385Transmit Inhibit
XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4432MOTOTRBO™ License Indoor Location
XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4492MOTOTRBO™ Receive Audio Leveling
XPR 7300e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4493MOTOTRBO™ Mute Mode