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XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs

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Extend the features of your infrastructure with MOTOTRBO™ XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs. Best prices on the web.

MOTOTRBO™ has advanced capabilities and business critical features which enable you to be safer, improve your audio, and be more efficient and productive. Different users in your organization have different work environments, needs and pain points when it comes to your business-critical communications. With access to these entitlements, you can have the relevant features you and your team need enabled to maximize your communications.

MOTOTRBO™ Entitlement IDs let you leverage expert applications in order to get the job done efficiently. MOTOTRBO™ fits the way businesses run today, and helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and workforce. Entitlement IDs make it easier to accomplish multiple tasks on a single purpose-built device.

Product Description

Manufacturer: Motorola
SKU: HKVN4047, HKVN4048, HKVN4049, HKVN4089, HKVN4099, HKVN4177, HKVN4205, HKVN4206, HKVN4242, HKVN4324, HKLN4442, HKLN4456, HKLN4427

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Item Condition: New

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XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4047IP Repeater Programming and Upgrade License
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4048Enhanced Scheduled GPS License
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4049Digital Telephone Interconnect Upgrade
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4089Linked Capacity Plus Upgrade from Capacity Plus (Requires 32MB repeater + XPR8380 or XPR8400)
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4099Linked Capacity Plus New System Deployment (Requires 32MB repeater + XPR8380 or XPR8400)
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4177Restricted Access to System Security
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4205Data Network Application Interface (IP Wireline Data Gateway)
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4206Voice Network Application Interface (IP Wireline Voice Gateway) for use with AVTEC SCOUT and WAVE
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4242Digital Voting Operation
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKVN4324Capacity Max Repeater License
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKLN4442RDAC Multiple System Monitoring Upgrade License
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKLN4456Dynamic Mixed Mode Upgrade License (Analog & Digital Automatic Call Switching)
XPR 8300/8400 Entitlement IDs - HKLN4427Capacity Plus Single Site Digital Trunking