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FCC Licensing Custom Order


We started our FCC licensing assistance practice in 2000 (more than 20 years ago), which is when the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) was first introduced

We offer Custom FCC licensing assistance, including filing preparation, and licensing consulting as to frequency band, mode, protocol/emission type

We track license expiration dates and we help prevent you from letting your licenses expire

We offer complete FCC Licensing Schedule K construction buildouts as a part of our service which prevents the loss of your license for not meeting regulatory requirements

We offer Same Day Service

We receive approvals from FCC Licensing Coordinators in a fraction of the time compared to other vendors

Our pricing is typical in the industry but few vendors can provide the same high level of time service and individualized attention.

In most cases, FCC licensing is valid for a period of 10 years with a much smaller renewal fee every 10 years thereafter.

FCC licensing and compliance with FCC regulations is the sole responsibility of the Two Way Radio user.

The cost for this service includes:

RF Licensing Consulting

Licensing Preparation and Application Filing

Notification of Construction – Schedule K Completion

3rd Party Coordinator Fees

FCC Application and Regulatory Fees


This service link is specifically sent to specific customers for special circumstances. If the person browsing this product was not specifically referred to this page by us, please do not attempt to order this service.

Once the application process has begun, there are NO refunds or returns permitted as in most cases, fees to 3rd parties and to the FCC have been already accrued and paid.

Credit card fees have been added to the total price.

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Mailing Address Change

Name Change

Change of Ownership

Change in Control Address

Increase / Decrease number of mobile/portable units

Add control Stations

Change in transmitter

Increase/Decrease antenna Height

Change Area of Operations

Location Increase/Decrease output power

Add / Delete transmitter sites

Add / Delete Frequencies




Construction and/or operation without an instrument of Authorization (license) for the service $10,000

Exceeding power limits $4,000

Exceeding authorized antenna height $5,000

Using unauthorized frequency $4,000

Construction or operation at unauthorized location $4,000

Failure to comply with prescribed lighting and marking $10,000

Unauthorized substantial transfer of control $8,000

Violations of rules relating to distress and safety frequencies $8,000

Failure to permit inspection $7,000

Violations of rules relating to distress or safety frequencies $8,000

Interference $7,000

Failure to respond to Commission communications $4,000

Importation or marketing of unauthorized equipment $7,000

Unauthorized emissions $4,000

Transmission of indecent/obscene material $7,000

Unauthorized discontinuance of service $5,000

Use of authorized equipment $5,000

Failure to engage in required frequency coordination $4,000

Failure to file required forms or information $3,000

Failure to make required measurements or conduct required monitoring $2,000

Unauthorized pro forma transfer of control $1,000

Failure to provide station ID $1,000

Miscellaneous Violations $1,000