ICOM RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1 V2 Further Advanced Dualwatch Remote Control Software


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Dualwatch, Dual Spectrum Scope Control

The dualwatch operation and dual spectrum scopes with the waterfall functions* can be used on your remote PC. MAIN and SUB spectrum scopes can be observed on the RS-BA1 at the same time. Of course, the RS-BA1 can be used with Icom single receiver transceivers.

* The dualwatch and dual spectrum scope functions are only for the IC-7851, IC-7850 and IC-7610. The spectrum scope functions (single receive) are usable with the IC-7300, IC-9700 and IC-705.

Most Functions Can Be Controlled

Most functions and modes of your transceiver, including interference rejection functions and IF filter settings, can be controlled using the CI-V commands. The following functions are added to the RS-BA1 Version 2.

Panel size can be enlarged (Normal or large size selectable)
Indicator click operation to change the settings
RIT and ⊿TX functions
[MUTE] button
SUB dial

Low Latency, High Quality Audio Over an IP Network

The RS-BA1 offers real-time operation with low latency, high quality audio. You can use the transceiver installed in another room using your home network, or even from a remote location over the Internet*.

* A static public IP address or Dynamic DNS is required for the base station (Server) PC, when you configure the remote control system through the Internet.

Supplied Accessories

USB flash drive (#22) or CD (#12) (including RS-BA1 installer, instruction manual, USB driver and USB driver installation guide)
USB cable (A-B type)
Installation guides
Note for original version RS-BA1 users: Free upgrade service from RS-BA1 to RS-BA1 Version 2 is not available. To obtain the new features in the RS-BA1 Version 2, the purchase of a new software package is required.

ICOM RS-BA1 V2 Functions Compatibility Chart

ICOM RS-BA1 V2 Specifications

ICOM RS-BA1 Version 2 Data Sheet