NNTN8128 NNTN8128C IMPRES LI-ION IP67 2000T APX Battery


NNTN8128C (current revision)


Motorola OEM

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Factory fresh date codes 2247 or later!!!

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Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy IMPRES System is a battery – device – charger system solution delivering Mission Critical dependable performance. An IMPRES charger – with proprietary Motorola Solutions algorithms is backed by Motorola Solutions’ 18 month capacity warranty – see the Battery Warranty Statement. Certified with the APX device to deliver Mission Critical performance in the harshest environments. Proven Tough construction with a 48 month workmanship warranty.

Only a legitimate Motorola dealer like ourselves can honor and support this replacement warranty.

Compatible with:

APX 900
APX 1000
APX 1000I
APX 2000
APX 3000
APX 4000
APX 4000XH

Please do your diligence, as you the buyer are responsible for compatibility.

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