PMLN7052 PMLN7052A 1-Wire Surveillance Kit with In-Line Microphone for PTT POD


Motorola OEM Item #: PMLN7052

Current Revision PMLN7052A

This audio accessory is a 1-wire surveillance kit with in-line microphone and translucent tube to be used with the following PTT Pods:

NNTN8127 NNTN8127B Operations Critical Wireless PTT Pod

NTN2571 NTN2571B Mission Critical Wireless PTT Pod


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This single-wire surveillance kit with quick-disconnect translucent tube has a comfortable, discreet design for business users in professional attire or for public safety users working undercover.

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (IN-Inch): 1 (W) 25 (H) 3 (L)

Product Details

Earpiece Type: Wireless

Microphone: In-line

PTT: In-line