NTN2571 NTN2571B Mission Critical Wireless PTT Pod


The NTN2571 NTN2571B Mission-Critical Wireless Push-to-Talk Pod (internal part numbers NTN2574C / NNTN8188C) offers a fast and flexible way to seamlessly and wirelessly connect with any earpiece connected to your radio. Whether a radio is under your coat or out of your reach, you can access it using your wireless PTT pod – just tuck it in a pocket or clip it on a jacket.

This PTT supports the fast push-to-talk central to Motorola’s mission-critical wireless solutions, so you can be sure every word is heard and every word is secure.

Includes swivel clip and Micro-USB charger PS000228A01.

Bluetooth Option: Required.

Compatible Radios

APX™ Series Mission Critical Two-Way Portable Radios

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Performance Characteristics

Type/Style: Wireless Push-To-Talk Pod

Battery: Lithium polymer-  Up to 16 hrs battery life as a PTT, and 10 hrs when powering an accessory

Charging: Micro-USB

Range:10 meters (33')

Color: Black

IP Rating: IP54

Intrinsic Safety Rating: N/A

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lbs): 0.43

Dimensions (inches): 1.5(L) x 0.5(W) x 2.75(H)