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PMMN4097 PMMN4097C Long Range Wireless Host Mic with Bluetooth Gateway

Original price was: $232.20.Current price is: $184.95.

Motorola OEM Mobile Palm Microphone with Bluetooth Gateway PMMN4097

Current Revision PMMN4097C

This APX and XPR mobile radio accessory doubles as a mobile microphone but also includes a bluetooth gateway.

This mobile microphone is ideal for customers who depend on their high-power mobile radio for system connection and must work outside of their vehicle. The wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) pairs instantly with touch pairing to the Bluetooth-enabled mobile microphone (Bluetooth Gateway). This plug-and-play solution takes only seconds to set up. The wireless RSM is not included. Not compatible with Connect Plus mode of operation.

Provides up to 100 meter range from the vehicle using the RLN6544 long range wireless remote speaker microphone (RSM) which includes battery and belt clip only.

This part is IDEAL for those that already have the APX Wireless RSM (PMMN4095) or the MOTOTRBO™ Wireless RSM (PMMN4096) and want to use it with their APX or MOTOTRBO™ XPR mobile as well as their portable. This adds Long Range Wireless capability for mobiles (otherwise the range is 30ft).  This part is also IDEAL for those wanting to add Long Range Wireless capability to more than 1 mobile while using the same RSM.

PMMN4097C This is the latest revision Revision C with the latest firmware.

This item is for Motorola Part PMMN4097 ONLY (this does not include the Long Range Wireless (LRW) RSM, or any of the chargers).  This microphone comes included as a part of the kit RLN6551 (with vehicle charger PMLN6716) and RLN6544 (battery and belt clip with no desk charger).  To purchase the complete kit, order RLN6551.

12 month warranty from Motorola the manufacturer.

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Compatible with APX 1500, APX4500, APX6500, APX7500, XTL5000, XPR4350, XPR4380, XPR4550, XPR4580, XPR5350/e, XPR5550/e.

For reference RLN6554 Kit consists of the battery (PMNN4461), belt clip 42009312001, and desk charger.

For reference the RLN6544 consists of the battery, and belt clip only, with no charger.

Dual Unit Desk Charger PMLN7120 for the RLN6544 is ordered separately.

Vehicle Charger PMLN6716 for the RLN6544 is ordered separately.