PMNN4489 IMPRES™ UL Battery, Li-Ion 2900 mAh


The PMNN4489 IMPRES™ 2900mAh Li-Ion battery offers extended talk time with trusted IMPRES™ technology. High capacity, low voltage, HE DENS IP68 2900mAh T UL Rated (TIA4950). This battery will provide more than 25 hours of talk time when used with an XPR™ 7000e radio.  The version we have in stock is PMNN4489B or PMNN4489BC, depending on availability.  Buyer is responsible for compatibility.

Compatible Radios

XPR™ 7000 Series Portable Radios
XPR™ 7000e Series Portable Radios
APX™ 900 Series P25 Portable Radio
APX™ 1000 Single-Band P25 Portable Radio
APX™ 3000 Single-Band P25 Covert Portable Radio
APX™ 4000 Single-Band P25 Portable Radio

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Performance Characteristics

Typical Rated Capacity: 2900 mAh

Technology: IMPRES™

Chemistry: Li-Ion

Intrinsic Safety Rating: UL TIA4950

IP Rating: IP68

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lbs): 0.4797

Dimensions (inches): 2.0(L) x 1.0(W) x 4.5(H)

Dimensions (mm): 23(L) x 52(W) x 115(H)

IMPRES™ Warranty

18 month performance warranty with IMPRES charger (replaced free of charge if service life falls below 85% when used with an IMPRES charger)

24 month workmanship warranty