PMNN4505 PMNN4505A IMPRES™ 2 Battery, Li-Ion 4850 mAh


The PMNN4505 IMPRES™ 2, Li-Ion, 4850 mAh battery is IP68 rated, which means it can be fully submersed in two meters of water for up to four hours. Designed with a rugged housing, this battery is as tough as the radio. IMPRES™ 2 batteries, when combined with an IMPRES™ 2 charger, deliver up to 60% more charging cycles and a 40% faster charge time than traditional Lithium Ion batteries. Motorola has extended their capacity warranty from 18 to 24 months, and now offers a 48 month workmanship warranty. IMPRES™ 2 batteries are compatible with all existing IMPRES™ chargers (with software version 3.11 or newer), so your upgrade will be a smooth one.

Buyer is responsible for compatibility, the best way to ensure this is check with Motorola on your specific radio model or ascertain the battery part number that you are currently using.

Compatible Radios

APX™ 6000XE All-Band P25 Portable Radio (Prior to March 2018)
APX™ 8000XE All-Band P25 Portable Radio
APX™ 8000R All-Band P25 Portable Radio

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Performance Characteristics

Typical Rated Capacity: 4850 mAh

Technology: IMPRES™

Chemistry: Li-Ion

Intrinsic Safety Rating: UL 2054 DIV2 R

IP Rating: IP68

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lbs): 0.6924

Dimensions (inches): 2.0(L) x 1.5(W) x 5.0(H)