PMNN4809 PMNN4809A Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Li-Ion, 2850mAh, IP68, Slim Battery for R7


Powered by new generation high energy density lithium cells, the 2850mAh T IMPRES™ battery provides more energy, despite being thinner and lighter, providing 25+ hours of talk time when used with MOTOTRBO™ R7 radio series. Equipped with our IMPRES™ Self Calibration feature which allows you to quickly charge the battery without long hours of calibration or reconditioning every month.

Certified Motorola MOTOTRBO™ NEW OEM

Factory Fresh Date Codes (Historical Photo Shown)

Order belt clip separately (constant switching of belt clips can wear the attachment point on the battery:

PMLN7008 PMLN7008A MOTOTRBO™ and APX™ 2.5 Inch Belt Clip

PMLN4651 PMLN4651A MOTOTRBO™ and APX™ 2 Inch Belt Clip

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This PMNN4809 is considered IMPRES™ Gen 1.5. The IMPRES™ Self Calibration feature allows the battery to not need to go through long hours of calibration or reconditioning every month, when charged and maintained with the IMPRES Single Unit Charger and IMPRES 2 Multi Unit Charger (with SW Ver V2.01 and above) listed in radio's Authorized Accessories List. This IMPRES Li-Ion, 2850mAh battery is designed to maximize talk time and optimize battery life cycle (up to 43% longer than standard battery) with trusted IMPRES chargers.

Motorola IMPRES™ Battery Warranty

Workmanship: 24 months

Performance Capacity:

Warranted to maintain 80% of rated capacity for 18 months when charged exclusively in IMPRES chargers

Warranted to maintain 80% of rated capacity for 12 months when charged exclusively in non IMPRES chargers

This Battery Warranty is valid for purchases in the U.S. and Canada only

Physical Characteristics

Weight (GM-Gram): 137

Dimensions (MM-Millimeter): 55.58 (W) 17.15 (H) 116.3 (L)

Product Details

Chemistry: Li-Ion 2850 mAh

Intrinsic Safety Rating: No rating

IP Rating: IP68

Technology: IMPRES

Type: Battery