PMNN4504 IMPRES™ 2 Battery, Li-Ion 3400 mAh


This IMPRES™ 2 Li-Ion, 3400mAh battery is IP68 rated, which means it can be fully submersed in two meters of water for up to four hours. Designed with a rugged housing, this battery is as tough as the radio. IMPRES™ 2 batteries, when combined with an IMPRES™ 2 charger, deliver up to 60% more charging cycles and a 40% faster charge time than traditional Lithium Ion batteries. Motorola has extended their capacity warranty from 18 to 24 months, and now offers a 48-months workmanship warranty. IMPRES™ 2 batteries are compatible with all existing IMPRES™ chargers (with software version 3.11 or newer), so your upgrade will be a smooth one.

Compatible Radios

APX™ 6000XE All-Band P25 Portable Radio (Prior to March 2018)
APX™ 8000XE All-Band P25 Portable Radio
APX™ 8000R All-Band P25 Portable Radio

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Performance Characteristics

Typical Rated Capacity: 3400 mAh

Technology: IMPRES™

Chemistry: Li-Ion

Intrinsic Safety Rating: UL 2054 DIV2 R

IP Rating: IP68

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lbs): 0.41

Dimensions (inches): 2.25(L) x 1.63(W) x 3.38(H)