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NTN2570 NTN2570C APX Mission Critical Bluetooth Wireless PTT Pod with 12 inch Cable Earpiece

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This best-in-class APX Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth (BT Pod) with 12 inch cable earpiece was designed specifically for first responders. It provides a truly secure Bluetooth® link, easy touch pairing and instant push-to-talk POD. The durable earpiece provides excellent audio quality even in high-noise environments.

This NTN2570 kit consists of the APX Mission Critical Bluetooth Wireless POD NTN2571 (internal part numbers NTN2574C / NTN8188C) and 12 inch Cable Earpiece with integrated ear microphone NTN2572.  Includes swivel clip and Micro USB charging power supply PS000228A01.

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Compatibility: APX Mission Critical

For MOTOTRBO Operations Critical, please see NNTN8125.

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (IN-Inch): 16 (H)

Product Details

Earpiece Type: Wireless

Microphone: Integrated ear mic

PTT: POD In-line