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RLN6506 RLN6506B Minitor VI Minitor 6 Amplified Charger

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Motorola OEM NEW

RLN6506 Amplifier Charger Kit


Enhance your Minitor VI audio and reception with this amplifier charger kit.

Accommodates dual drop in slot for Minitor VI Pager and battery separate.

Factory Fresh Date Codes

Latest and Current Revision RLN6506B

Capable of VHF or UHF, depending on the antenna ordered (which must be ordered separately, please see below)

One (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty

This RLN6505 kit contains:

EPNN9288A AC Power Supply Switch Mode PS, NA, LA

PMLN6465 Amplifier Charger Base

User Guide

Antenna for the frequency band of your choice must be ordered separately to complete the kit:

RLN6507 RLN6507A Minitor VI Minitor 6 Amplified Charger External Antenna VHF

RLN6508 RLN6508A Minitor VI Minitor 6 Amplified Charger External Antenna UHF


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External Antenna

The external antenna input jack (BNC connector) is located on the rear of the Amplifier Charger housing. An
external antenna must be attached to the Amplifier Charger for maximal reception.

Audio Amplifier

The Amplifier Charger contains a 2.5 watt audio amplifier and speaker. When a pager is placed in the
Amplifier Charger, the audio is routed to the Amplifier Charger speaker rather than to the pager speaker.

External Speaker Jack

An external speaker jack, located on the rear of the Amplifier Charger housing, allows the user to attach an
external speaker. When an external speaker is connected, audio will be routed to that speaker rather than to
the Amplifier Charger internal speaker. The minimum speaker impedance is 4 ohms.


The Amplifier Charger includes a relay that is energized whenever an alert is received, and a 6-pin DIN
accessory connector is located on the rear of the unit. The 6-pin mating plug for these models may be wired
to provide a variety of functions. See user manual for more details.

RLN6506 RLN6506B Minitor VI Amplifier Charger User Manual