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SL 7500e Entitlement IDs

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We have the best prices on the web for the MOTOTRBO™ SL 7500e Entitlement IDs and feature licenses.

MOTOTRBO™ has advanced capabilities such as Built in Man Down which is a cost-effective and potentially lifesaving way of detecting if a worker has suffered a fall or had an accident. Utilizing the radio’s accelerometer to gauge the worker’s movements and vertical position, it monitors for a lack of movement, a tilt going beyond the application’s configured parameters, or a combination of both. Should an alarm be triggered, a notification is dispatched to the response groups’ mobile devices with the time & the radio ID or worker’s name.

MOTOTRBO™ Entitlement IDs let you leverage expert applications in order to get the job done efficiently. MOTOTRBO™ fits the way businesses run today, and helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and workforce. Entitlement IDs make it easier to accomplish multiple tasks on a single purpose-built device.

Product Description

Manufacturer: Motorola

SKU: HKVN4179, HKVN4281, HKVN4373, HKVN4384, HKVN4432, HKVN4385, HKVN4492, HKVN4493

Availability: In Stock

Item Condition: New

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SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4179MOTOTRBO™ Built In Man Down (non-Connect Plus Only)
SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4281MOTOTRBO™ Text to Speech
SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4373MOTOTRBO™ License Enhanced Noise Cancellation (SINC+)
SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4384Authenticated Radio Disable (Required for Target Radio Only)
SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4432MOTOTRBO™ License Indoor Location
SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4385Transmit Inhibit
SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4492MOTOTRBO™ Receive Audio Leveling
SL 7500e Entitlement IDs - HKVN4493MOTOTRBO™ Mute Mode