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Vertex EVX Series 20/25kHz Channel Bandwidth (Wide Band) Entitlement ID

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Vertex EVX Series Wide Band Entitlement ID (EID)

20/25KHz Channel Bandwidth License Key (commonly referred to as a wide band entitlement key).

This is an application feature and not a device feature (not installed on the device), so this wideband entitlement key installs on your computer and is good for the life of the computer and allows you to program an unlimited number of radios and unlimited number of times.  This EID is free from Motorola with a valid subscription and the proper training/documentation. The charge for this 24/7 service and support is to help cover some of our labor costs.

EIDs are generally returned via email in a few hours, provided the Motorola server has no downtime.

We also provide lifetime installation and support.


As of June 26, 2023, Motorola is no longer generating Wide Band EID keys for legacy devices.  This item is no longer available.

There are no returns or refunds permitted on EIDs. Please be sure of compatibility and that you are ordering the correct EID. When in doubt, please contact us.

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Motorola/Vertex

SKU: Vertex EVX Series Subscribers

Availability: In Stock

Item Condition: New

Compatibility: Vertex EVX Series Subscribers

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