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APX Portable Accessories

PMLN8370A APX N30 and APX N50 2.5″ Belt Clip

PMLN8370A APX N30 and APX N50 2.5″ Belt Clip

APX N30 and APX N50 2.5″ Belt Clip

This 2.5″ inch belt clip helps secure your radio to your belt.

This rugged 2.5″ spring-action belt clip allows you to instantly access your radio. You can secure your radio in the clip while focusing on the task at hand.


PMMN4141A XVP750 RSM with Channel Knob

PMMN4141A XVP750 RSM with Channel Knob

IMPRES XVP, Black RSM, with Channel Knob, Multi-mic, noise suppression, rugged submersible (IP68), HAZLOC.

RADIO FIRMWARE REQUIREMENTS: For proper RSM operation, make sure your radio features the latest firmware as follows: APX N70 Radios : R01.00.00 and beyond |

PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES: The XVP Remote Speaker Mic, is the next generation mission-critical RSM, designed specifically for Federal and Law Enforcement users. It is equipped with an exceptionally loudspeaker along with a multi-mic arrangement of 4 HDR microphones that feed into new sophisticated algorithms that tracks the user’s voice and filters out the surrounding noise with superior clarity, no matter which orientation users position their RSM when speaking into it.

Unlike single-mic RSMs, the XVP is designed with the same Adaptive Audio Engine capabilities that APX N70 radios features, enabling mission critical communications features for improved audio quality experience.

The XVP is an Intrinsically Safe device that complies with UL TIA-4950 standard.


Motorola APX N70 Radios

PMPN4820A PMPN4820 IMPRES™ 2 Single-Unit Charger

PMPN4820A PMPN4820 IMPRES™ 2 Single-Unit Charger

IMPRES™ 2, Single-Unit Charger with US/North America power cord

Motorola Part #: PMPN4820A

The IMPRES™ single-unit charger offers extended talk time, thanks to optimized battery life and reliable IMPRES technology.

Our rapid-rate, Self Calibration system streamlines and automates battery maintenance for APX N50 and APX N30 portable radios. Talk time and the life cycle of batteries are optimized as the need for manual maintenance is not required. Advanced conditioning feature allows batteries to be left in the charger for extended periods of time and remain fully charged without causing damage to the battery or charger. An indicator light shows the charging process status and turns yellow when in reconditioning mode. Covered by 12-month warranty.

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