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Motorola MINITOR 7 Voice Pager

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Motorola MINITOR 7™ Two-tone analog voice pager. Compact, lightweight and durable, the MINITOR 7™ is built for the realities of first responders. We understand the challenges you face–you need a device tough enough to withstand hazardous environments, to deliver life-saving information when you need it most.

5 Channel, Stored Voice, Intrinsically Safe

Frequency Ranges available:

143-174 MHz

450-486 MHz


Two-Tone Pager

The Motorola Minitor 7 continues the legacy of durability, performance, and essential features that have made the Minitor family of pagers a trusted companion for First Responders across America.

While retaining its familiar form factor, the Minitor 7 boasts significant electronic and component upgrades, ensuring topnotch performance in critical situations.

Whether in an urban incident or wildland fire, a pager is the reliable solution; you will hear the message loud and clear, and you can replay it at will.

Available in either*:

5 Channel VHF: 143-174 MHz

5 Channel UHF 450-486 MHz

*All models are Intrinsically safe, 5 channel, Stored Voice.

What's inside

Up to 20 minutes of storage time
Integrated button and speaker
IP66 & 67 for protection against water and dust
Warning alert for when you need immediate help
5-channel scan
Customizable voice announcements and alert tones

Key features:


Error-proof design keeps you focused on the emergency


Ingress protection IP66, IP67 for use in wet and dusty environments


Warning alert for when you need immediate help, and 5-channel scan ensures reduced risk of missed messages

Part Numbers for Pagers and Accessories:

Model                          Description

A03JAC9KA1AN       5 CHANNEL I.S. VHF 143-174.995

A04RAC9KA1AN      5 CHANNEL I.S. UHF 450-486.995

RLN8638                  Minitor 7 Standard Charger

RLN8639                  Minitor 7 Amplified Charger

RLN6507                  Minitor 6/7 VHF Antenna

RLN6508                  Minitor 6/7 UHF Antenna

STDWARR136AA      Standard warranty (2 Years)

ZRA00640                1 Year Extended Warranty (Total of 3 Years)

ZRA00641                3 Year Extended Warranty (Total of 5 Years)

RLN8640                  Minitor 7 Belt Clip

PMLN8591               Minitor 7 Nylon Carry Case

RLN6568                  Minitor 7 Programming Kit

PMNN4438              Minitor 6/7 I.S. Battery


Software Downloads

Minitor 7 CPS Software