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MOTOTRBO™ DMR Firmware EID Bundle

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Our most popular Motorola MOTOTRBO™ DMR Firmware License Software Entitlement (EID) Key Bundle

HKVN4281 Text to Speech
HKVN4492 RX Audio Leveling
HKVN4373 Sinc Enhanced Noise Cancellation
HKVN4493 Mute Mode

Compatible Radios

See the attached compatibility chart on the product photos provided, or verify compatibility in our MOTOTRBO™ Feature Catalog.

*Buyer is solely responsible for radio compatibility.

When you please your order, please notify us if you have an existing Motorola account which is needed to install EIDs.  If you don’t have a Motorola account, we can set up an accommodation account at Motorola for no additional charge.  We also help you through the authentication process with Motorola.  We offer lifetime installation and support.



As of June 26, 2023, Motorola is no longer supporting or generating EID keys on CPS Gen 1 (latest version CPS 16 Ver 828).  This is item is no longer available for CPS Gen 1.  EID keys are still able to be ordered and installed for CPS Gen 2.

There are no returns or refunds permitted on EIDs. Please be sure of compatibility and that you are ordering the correct EID. When in doubt, please contact us.

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Featured EIDs

HKVN4281 HKVN4281A Text to Speech
Your radio can now read text out loud: channels, zones, functions, messages and work order tickets.

HKVN4492 HKVN4492A RX Audio Leveling
Your radio adjusts for inconsistent audio levels on the other end.

HKVN4373 HKVN4373A Sinc Enhanced Noise Cancellation
Your radio gives you more options to filter out background noise, so you’re heard more clearly.

HKVN4493 HKVN4493A Mute Mode
Easily mute and unmute your radio as you move between noisy and quiet environments.

Other Popular EID Features Available

MOTOTRBO™ Feature Catalog

Important Details


* No Customer Programming Software is being offered with this product.

* Current Firmware may be required to use these features. Many of the newly released EIDs require the latest firmware in your radio. Please update the firmware in the radio to the minimum latest that supports the feature you are trying to install. See the resource notes to determine compatibility. We will not be responsible for licenses lost because of outdated firmware in your radio during the installation process.

* Radio IS NOT included.


All parameters are configurable using the CPS.

For each radio, you must purchase a license key to use the feature.

If you need more than one license at a time, please contact us before hand so we can have the appropriate number of licenses on hand.

We provide all of the installation instructions and Entitlement ID Key in PDF format by email. Everything necessary is delivered to you electronically.